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Have you listened to any good books lately?

John has narrated a number of audiobooks including horror, mystery, science fiction and thiller titles. The links below will take you to Amazon where you can purchase these audio books for yourself.

“3001: The Final Odyssey” by Arthur C. Clarke

“Apaches” by Lorenzo Carcaterra

“Carriers” by Patrick Lynch

“Everville” by Clive Barker

“From The Dust Returned” by Ray Bradbury

“Ghost Story” by Jim Butcher

“The Good Son” by Ian McEwan

“Gray Matter and Other Stories from Night Shift” (unabdidged) by Stephen King

“Heart Breaker” by Robert Ferrigno

“Icebound” by Dean Koontz

“I Know What the Night Knows” by Ed Gorman

“The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe” by Donald H. Wolfe

“Nathan’s Run” by John Gilstrap

“Red Sky at Night” by James Hall

“The Shining Ones: Book Two of The Tamuli” by David Eddings

“Star Wars: Red Harvest” by Joe Schreiber

“The Stephen King Collection: Stories from Night Shift”

“Thank You for Smoking” by Christopher Buckley

“The Thief of Always” by Clive Barker

“Worst Case” by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Am I missing any titles on this list? Feel free to leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Audio Books

  1. Ancle John you the best!!!

  2. “The Bride Collector” by Ted Dekker (ok story)

    “Gideon’s Sword” by Preston & Child (great ending!!)

    “Level 26: Dark Origins”: Anthony E. Zuiker

    I’d advise anyone reading Level 26 to be prepared to be “creeped out” at time because John’s character voice is so brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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