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I began working on this website in the winter of ’99-’00, not long after first discovering John’s work on the television series Brimstone and instantly becoming a fan. Searching on-line for more information, I was disappointed there was not a single, organized fan site to be found. As is typically the case for me, that meant only one thing: I’d just have to build such a site myself!

This website was not established for any commercial purposes, only to share information. It has come together with the assistance of many individuals around the world, all of whom have helped by sending me their images, articles, and whatever news and other items they have come across. I am especially thankful to John himself, who has worked together with me on this site since June 2004 and gave it his “official” blessings.

The site design and content has been constructed entirely by yours truly unless otherwise indicated, therefore I maintain the blame for any erroneous information and all editorial content. Photos and other media have been collected from many different sources. If you are the owner of any of these such items and object to their inclusion here, I will immediately remove them upon request. No infringement of rights is intended.


Nicole Pellegrini



5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi, John:

    Seems we reconnect every 5 or 6 years. I hope you got the book of Selected Plays I sent your way.

    A question: if you liked a (play)script very much, would you ever consider traveling away from NYC — namely Salt Lake — to do it?

    I hope all’s well with you.

    Cordially, David Kranes

  2. Mr Glover,

    I am sure I voiced my thanks but I wish to do so again. Well I gather you have signed many autographs but back in 2004 when you were doing an Albee play (either Zoo Story or The Goat Or Who Is Sylvia), on the final dy of your performance at the Delancey Street Theatre you signed my one sheets of In the Mouth or Madness and Batman and Robin.
    All these years later, your role of Remy in 52 Pixk Up is still an incredible bad guy performance. Too bad Cannon didnt make more movies like that. Initially I was put off seeing it as I gathered a film produced by Mwnahem Golan and Yoram Globus wasn’t worth the money. But back then the names John Frankenheimer and Elmore Leonard were names I didn’t exactly recognize or appreciate.

  3. Hello,mr.Glover!Marry Chrismas!in Russia Crismas begin 7january.With a best wish from Russia!

  4. Hello! I am from Russia. I’m your most devoted fan! Please,send me your autograph! I really want to recieve it!

    My adress:
    Russian Federation
    450098 Ufa
    Bul’var Tyul’kina str. 7/3-16
    My name is Linar Akhmetianov

  5. I am so very sure this e-mail will absolutely make your day! I’ve been listening to “The Bride Collector” which you read for the audio book. You have MADE this book for me. Your interpretation and expressions are priceless. I don’t think I would have continued listening if it hadn’t been for your voicings.

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