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  1. John,
    I’ve seen you in so many of your movies, but was never able to see you onstage. I currently live in Louisiana. ugh! I used to live on the upper west side and in the Village in the 70’s and 80’s. My partner, who has since passed, knew you. (He has your old phone number in his address book). His name was Dennis Holman, from Oregon. I saw you a few times just passing you in the street, but was embarrassed to approach you. I guess I just wanted to say hello and thank you for so many wonderful moments in the movies. I read on Wikipedia that you’ve been in a relationship since 1993. Congratulations! I hope you are very happy.
    Well, I did just want to say hello and thank you for all your great work. I don’t know if actors really know how much enjoyment they give to the public. I wanted you to know that.
    p.s. It may not be “Shakespeare” but on of my favorite Christmas movies is “Scrooged” and you’re great in it.

  2. I have not been keeping up with John Glover’s career of late, but I was always impressed with this varied performances, esp. in films like “Love, Valor, Compassion,” and the far too shortlived television series “Brimstone.” I was not able to watch Smallville’s entire run, but from what I saw , I found John’s performance absolutely brilliant.

  3. Mr. Glover,

    Unfortunately, until now, I have only seen you on Smallville, but I think your did your character so much justice. In fact, aside of Tom Welling, I think you and him were the best actors on the show. Whenever you would get angry or would make any facial expression, it would be hard to know that you were just acting. However, I was curious to know what other movies (the chocolate war) and shows you have starred in and I have to say that I have some homework to accomplish and now broadway shows, this I must see. I hope I get to shake your hand or at least, let you know that its been a pleasure seeing your films and movies. You are a terrific actor and I hope you continue! God bless you and keep up the great work.

  4. I have always liked your work, Mr. Glover. And, when I found out you are an openly gay actor, I wanted to burst with pride. Thank you!

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